Monday, January 11, 2016

#10 You Can't Have a Rainbow Without a Little Rain

Sanlihng Faailohk!! (Happy New Year!)

So my email this week is super short since I am running out of time. 

Working in Tin Shui Wai continues to be such a privilege and this week we found many potential people to teach. Our area is super tiny, but we are teaching so much and I am so amazed by how prepared this densely populated area is for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!!

Quick experience I want to share before I have to go:

So Wednesday and Thursday I seemed to be having one humbling experience after another (mostly with the language) that made me wonder when I was going to get any relief. Thursday night I prayed the hardest I think I have ever prayed that we would find people who are prepared and that I would have the courage to open my mouth, even when my language skills seemed less than adequate. The next day, we experienced so many miracles that helped me understand that sometimes the Lord knocks you down to your knees so you'll learn to rely on Him when times get hard.

I am so eternally grateful for the love our Savior has for each of His children. I am so humbled by the opportunity to share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of the Tin Sau area and I know the Lord will continue to work miracles in this area as we rely on Him.

Love you all! Talk to you next week!!

Sister Leonard

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